RCPA Members Bulletin – 30th October 2023. Please read a roundup of the latest information and resources.

This week’s round up includes a focus on funding…


  • Member request

Does anyone know of a good payroll system? One of our members is looking for a complete software system from when staff check in through finger / biometrics right through to payroll, to minimise manual work and preparation of payroll, effectively producing reports and generating payslips. If you have a system that does all of this and happy to share, please contact hilary.robinson@rcpa.org.uk. Many thanks.


  • Call for evidence section 75 review (NHS Act 2006)

The RCPA encourages members to take part in a govt survey which is looking at widening the scope of partnership around pooled funding and how this is spent. (BCF and pooled funding to help with discharges etc), or even if you don’t have time to complete, just to be aware. We think it’s significant and would be good to have multiple responses from Somerset. The RCPA is completing the survey, but it’s important to have individual provider perspective. The remit of call for evidence:

In the integration white paper the govt committed to review section 75 of the NHS Act 2006 to support further use of pooled budgets. Therefore, seeking your views on:

  • whether the scope of section 75 should be widened to include:
    • additional health-related functions of local authorities and NHS bodies
    • additional public health functions delegated to local authorities and NHS bodies by the Secretary of State
    • a wider range of organisations that can enter into arrangements under section 75
  • any perceived barriers to pooling of budgets and whether the regulations could be simplified to facilitate easier use and reduce the administrative burden on NHS bodies and local authorities
  • how we could strengthen and/or simplify the governance of section 75 arrangements to further support the commissioning of integrated care services.
Consultation on Section 75
A few weeks ago, DHSC launched a consultation on proposed changes and ideas for improving how section 75 of the NHS Act 2006 is used. This is the legislation that enables the Better Care Fund and pooling arrangements between the NHS and Local Government – the route through which much of the various discharge funds have been allocated. The consultation closes tomorrow, 31st October. (Apologies this is late notice to complete but only recently become aware of the call for evidence).

  • More about funding….NHS Funded Nursing
DHSC is currently in the process of setting the 2024-2025 rate for NHS-funded Nursing Care (FNC).  This is being informed by a one-off cost collection exercise, run via Capacity Tracker. The survey is non-mandatory, but it would be great if as many providers as possible could complete it. The survey will be live from Wednesday 25 October and will be open for three weeks, closing midnight on Wednesday 15 November.

DHSC would like to encourage as many providers as possible to complete this survey.  Although it is optional, a greater sample size will mean more reliable results.  When you complete the survey, please ensure that you have data on the number of residents by funding type and payroll information on both pay and hours worked by registered nurses for the two months of April 2023 and September 2023 (or your most recent completed payroll period) to hand.

You should be able to see a link to the survey when you log into Capacity Tracker. If you have any questions, please contact the DHSC FNC inbox at fnc@dhsc.gov.uk.


Thursday 30th November, 10.00-11.00hrs via TEAMS

With the increasing use of digital technology your staff will need access to mobile phones, tablets and computers to complete their work. What are the pros and cons of allowing staff to use their own devices vs employer provided devices. What should you consider when implementing BYOD.

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  • Skills for Care

Information and support from Skills for Care, please click here