RCPA Members Bulletin – 5th January 2024.

The Capacity Tracker Team has just notified us of the following information and dates for training re DHSC’s new Care Find website, which start today.



CareFind: Public Facing Website – Training Dates for Care Home Providers

Dear Care Home Providers

We recently reached out to you about a new public facing website called CareFind that we will be launching in the new year. CareFind is a website that will enable the general public to search for Care Home services and vacancies and is available, Free of Charge to all active CQC registered Care Home providers.

Whilst CareFind will utilise much of the information already in Capacity Tracker and other publicly available information, we are carrying out dedicated training & awareness sessions, available to all Care Home providers.  These sessions will provide guidance on how you can review existing information and add supplementary information to your locations profile that will be visible on CareFind.

We have added a number of training sessions for January 2024.  If you have not yet registered to secure your space on one of the sessions, we encourage you to do so by selecting the appropriate link below.


        05.01.24                13-14:30 Click Here to Book Training
        10.01.24                11-12:30 Click Here to Book Training
        16.01.24                11-12:30 Click Here to Book Training
        17.01.24                14-15:30 Click Here to Book Training
        18.01.24                14-15:30 Click Here to Book Training


For additional dates, please visit our resource centre https://capacitytracker.com/resource-center/category/165/carefind-guidance

Do I need to take any action before attending the training or completing the public profile?

We have developed a helpful document here detailing the existing information in Capacity Tracker that we recommend Care Home providers review and update before attending the training sessions or updating their public profile.

If you have any queries when updating your information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Capacity Tracker Support Team 0191 691 3729 or necsu.capacitytracker@nhs.net

With kind regards
Capacity Tracker Team