Election resources

Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, and the Green Party have released their manifestos – as the general election campaign carries on. Please find each party manifesto pledges below.

Conservative-Manifesto-GE2024 (1)

For_a_Fair_Deal_-_Liberal_Democrat_Manifesto_2024 (1)




In the run up to the election, we’d like to share some resources with you which you may find useful. These resources have been curated to enable as many voices as possible across the national ASC sector to speak up for care. Please use and adapt as you see fit. The RCPA is also writing to incumbent MPs and new candidates. We’d love to hear about any responses you receive or engagement events you may be organising! Hilary.robinson@rcpa.org.uk

Letter templates

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  • Register to Vote

A key part of Speak Up For Care is enabling people to exercise their democratic rights to vote and engage with politics and politicians. It is very important that those you employ, and support are encouraged to register to vote and get involved in the democratic process.

These are the key deadlines:

  • Register to vote Tuesday 18th June.
  • Apply for a postal vote by 5pm on Wednesday 19th June.
  • Apply for a proxy vote by 5pm on Wednesday 26th June.
  • If you don’t have an accepted photo ID, register for free voter ID by 5pm Wednesday 26th June.

The electoral commission website has more information. Accepted forms of photo ID can be found here. The My Vote, My Voice website also has useful information and easy reads about the voting process.

My Vote, My Voice is also encouraging people to run ‘register to vote parties’ – more information here.


Please find a useful link which, if you add your postcode, will give the names for parliamentary candidates. The link is updated regularly but won’t be finalised until 7th June so you might see some changes in local candidates until then – you can use this tool to monitor changes and identify the candidate for your area: