Please find important information and resources below. Please also find attached (PowerPoint doc) some extra information from the members’ call on Tuesday, regarding the first item on resources doc- re MCA competency framework updates.


Review and Republish your Data Security and Protection Toolkit – Deadline – 30th June

The deadline to complete the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) for 2022/23 is 30th June – so the clock is ticking.

Please log onto the DSPT portal and ensure you republish before the 30th June.

RCPA offer 1-1 support to all providers across Somerset. For more information about support or DSPT benefits, please contact our Project Delivery Officer, Daniel Plummer –

The Better Security, Better Care programme have plenty of resources to help you to complete your submission:


Digitisation in Social Care (DiSC) Year 2 EOI

The DiSC team have been hard at work since Autumn 2022 with the funding opportunities for Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) and Falls Prevention Technology.

Implementing DSCR has saved thousands of carer hours across Somerset and positively impacted over 1500 lives. Funding is available for use with assured suppliers of Digital Social Care Records. 13 suppliers are now available to choose from, please use this tool to find a supplier who can meet your organisation’s needs

Funding for year two has been approved and the DiSC team would love to hear from you and discuss how DSCR and Falls Prevention Technology can improve your service. Please use the expression of interest form – DiSC EOI form


RCPA monthly online workshops

Please join Dan on 29th June at 11am for his monthly workshop on data security, this month’s topic is data breaches and how to respond to them. To register please click this link – How to Respond to a Data Breach Workshop

Future event topics and booking details will be available on the RCPA bulletins and website.


Going digital myth-busting and FAQ with DiSC & RCPA – July 6th

There are many digital products and services available to your organisation and it can be hard to know which ones to focus on and how they will benefit you, your staff and clients.

We will be hosting a workshop to answer the many myths and questions around adopting digital technologies and services along with helping you stay safe in the digital world using the DSPT.

Please join us for this online event on July 6th at 1:30pm – DiSC and RCPA – Going Digital Myth-busting & FAQ


LD/Dom and Day care forum postponed

Unfortunately, the next LD/Dom and Day care forum meeting scheduled for 21st June is postponed. We shall be in touch as soon as possible with a new confirmed date.


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