RCPA Summer Seminar  ‘Staying Safe in a Digital World’

We are delighted to announce our Summer Seminar ‘Staying Safe in a Digital World’, to be held at Canalside, Bridgwater on Thursday June 6th.

This all-day event will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing social care in a fast-developing digital world.  Topics on the day will include data and cyber security, contracts and compliance, building resilience in staff, and technology in recruitment, amongst others.

The venue offers free parking, refreshments and lunch.

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance, a delegate bag and the chance to enter a free prize draw!

Space is limited at this event and booking early is advisable.

For a full programme and booking details, please visit our website or email admin@rcpa.org.uk



Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

The Better Security, Better Care programme is celebrating 3 years of support for the DSPT, ensuring that social care is stronger and more resilient with the data it collects and stores. 70% of care providers nationally use the DSPT, Somerset is leading that trend with over 79% of care providers completing the DSPT!



DSPT Republication

The DSPT is an annual assessment that is designed to be resubmitted annually by social care providers. The deadline for republishing is the 30th June. Review your DSPT now to ensure you have enough time to fully meet the requirements. To check your current DSPT status, please visit – https://www.dsptoolkit.nhs.uk/OrganisationSearch

Why republish the DSPT

  • Legal requirements – The DSPT assertions change each year with changing legislation, completing the DSPT yearly will ensure you meet those requirements.
  • Best practice – The DSPT assertions provide best practice for data and cyber security, allowing you to review your organisations approach and skills.
  • CQC requirement – As part of the single assessment framework, CQC now asks provides if they have a completed and updated DSPT.
  • NHS requirements – As part of the NHS standard contract you must have a fully published DSPT for the current year.
  • Somerset Council ASC requirements – As part of Somerset Council’s contract they expect all social care providers to take data and cyber security seriously, recommending the DSPT or Cyber Essentials.

RCPA’s Daniel Plummer provides free support for the DSPT, please contact him at daniel.plummer@rcpa.org.uk



Digital Social Care Records Funding

Tick Tock, the Clock is Ticking!

The digitising social care programme has started a new campaign to raise awareness of the support available and the need to act now before the application window closes later this year.

Over 60% of registered care providers are now using digital social care records which help improve care, save time and increase efficiency.

Alice Ainsworth, DiSC deputy director, social care tech policy and strategy says:

“Almost two thirds of adult social care providers now use digital social care record solutions and everyday we hear from registered managers and their teams that they would never go back to paper.

There is a wealth of support available from helping you access funding to choosing a suitable supplier.

But the clock is ticking – funding won’t be available forever so act now.”

For more information about the support and funding available, please visit Digitising social care website or email digitisationinsocialcare@somerset.gov.uk



Scam alert

HMRC is warning that a new VAT email scam is circulating which encourages recipients to scan a QR code and enter personal details.

They advise that if you’ve been a recipient of this email, to not engage and report it to them via the HMRC phishing team by forwarding the email to phishing@hmrc.gov.uk.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have guidance on immediate steps you can take to protect yourself.

HMRC have confirmed that they do use QR codes in their official correspondence, however this is only to direct users to guidance. They will never ask you to submit personal information via a QR code.

If you have been a recipient of any phishing emails, please forward them to report@phishing.gov.uk. For more information about QR codes and the potential risks please visit: NCSC QR Codes – what’s the real risk?



Online Events

  • Review and republish your DSPT – 21st May 15:00 – 16:00. Link to booking page
  • Completing the DSPT for the first time – 11th June 15:00 – 1600. Link to booking page
  • Cyber Security in Homecare: what do small providers need to know? – 23rd May 12:00 – 13:30. Link to booking page
  • Understanding your digital requirements under the Single Assessment Framework – 11th June 10:30 – 11:30. Link to booking page


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