The RCPA is commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the D Day Landings, the largest seaborne invasion in history and the sacrifices that our brave allied forces made on the ‘longest day’. We will continue to recognise the bravery and success of the operations.

Wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, please join us to take a moment, perhaps a minute’s silence, in private or with team members and people you support. We will be observing a minute’s silence tomorrow.


Do not call me hero,
When you see the medals that I wear,
Medals maketh not the hero,
They just prove that I was there.

Do not call me hero,
Now that I am old and grey,
I left a lad, returned a man,
They stole my youth that day.

Do not call me hero,
When we ran the wall of hail,
The blood, the fears, the cries, the tears
We left them where they fell.

Do not call me hero,
Each night I stop and pray,
For all the friends I knew and lost,
I survived my longest day.

Do not call me hero,
In the years that pass,
For all the real true heroes,
Have crosses, lined up on the grass.

(Rob Aitchison)


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