RCPA Member Covid-19 briefing 04.05.20

Please find below latest Covid-19 briefing;

  1. PPE;
    1. Updated Care Home guidance; HERE
    2. Updated Dom Care guidance; HERE
    3. Public Health England South West are holding daily webinars at 3pm; JOIN SKYPE MEETING HERE
    4. Free visors and ear protectors; funded by donations; for further details contact Kyle Millet; kylemillett@yahoo.co.uk  tel; 07568302334
    5. Other visors; ppe@numatic.co.uk tel 01460 269455
    6. From tomorrow (1 May 2020), PPE purchased by care homes, businesses, charities and individuals to protect against Covid-19 will be free from VAT for a three-month period; more HERE
  2. CQC; From 04/05/20, the CQC is launching its emergency support framework for care providers. They will be implementing calls to care service managers and will gather information from you. They will not publish this information but it could lead to requests for you to provide information or an inspection where they feel it is necessary. They emphasise their supportive role during the crisis. More information HERE
  3. FNC; Not related to Covid-19 (or is it?!) HERE is the new backdated FNC rate; WHAT A SURPRISE!
  4. Coordinating support to providers; Somerset system cells restructured to include Operational Care Provider Cell attended by four provider reps and Strategic Care Provider Cell attended by RCPA; regular calls each week to ensure care provider needs are identified and escalated.
  5. SCC receives a further £10m funding from Government totalling £26m. RCPA to seek information about how this is to be spent.
  6. MCA/DoLS and Covid-19; New guidance; HERE
  7. HR/Employment;
    1. pregnancy advice and guidance; HERE
    2. individuals who are shielding can now be furloughed, but not if someone is on sick leave.
    3. staff on furlough and take annual leave, but the employer must uplift salary to 100%
    4. For advice on specific cases contact James Sage at Royds Withy King solicitors; james.sage@roydswithyking.com
  8. Psychological support; The British Psychological Society are hosting a free webinar on Psychological Needs of people recovering from severe covid next Wednesday (6th May)  at 4-5pm.Registration details are HERE.
  9. FREE SEMINAR 7th May; Laing Buisson on Home Care and Supported Living and their potential for growth as a result of Covid-19; HERE.
  10. NOT Covid-19 training! The LARCH Collaborative working across Somerset is providing ongoing support to care homes. As part of this they are offering RESTORE2 training via Microsoft Teams; for further details contact Judith Glide; Judith.Glide@YDH.NHS.UK