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Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) reminder

Please ensure that you review and republish your DSPT as soon as possible. The DSPT is an annual assessment of your organisations data security and a good opportunity to reflect on these elements of your business.


Why do I need to keep my DSPT updated?

  • As part of the single assessment framework, CQC now require providers to complete the DSPT and keep it updated. Under well led CQC say “you comply with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) or equivalent as a minimum. This also applies where you use a combination of digital and paper records”.
  • If you have an NHS standard contract, you must also be compliant with the DSPT.
  • Access to NHSmail also requires you to have an up to date DSPT.
  • The DSPT will help you be compliant with UK GDPR & data protection legislation.


Please visit and check if your DSPT has been updated for 23/24. If you require any support with reviewing and republishing your DSPT please contact


You can also attend the BSBC national workshops on reviewing and republishing your DSPT :


Upcoming digital and data security events

Joining RCPA’s monthly data security workshop, Howden will be discussing cyber security and how being prepared and fostering a strong culture will help defend your business.


This webinar will talk about the reason why data standards and data sets are important for care organisations and people who use services.


Find out about how care providers have received funding to purchase digital social care records and falls prevention technology along with what’s planned in year 3 of the programme.


Making cyber security accessible to all. Understanding the biggest threats facing small organisations, how to deal with them and what support and guidance is available.


Industry news

Use of generative AI in ASC – On 1st February 24, 30 organisations and representatives of Adult Social Care met at Reuben College, University of Oxford, to address the urgent need to define what it means to ‘responsibly use’ generative AI in adult social care.

Click here to read the full article – Generative AI in Adult Social Care: Defining what ‘responsible use’ looks like


NHSmail Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – The NHSmail team in NHS England have provided an update for all NHSmail users, urging them to enable MFA on their NHSmail accounts.

Click here to read the full article – NHSmail Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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